Belletto Studio products are manufactured to the highest standards and will provide you with superior performance when used in accordance with the manual instructions. However, in rare instances where the product received is not functional, the item may be repaired or replaced under the 60 Day Policy. 

Before submitting your request for replacement, please ensure that you have attempted to TROUBLE-SHOOT (tips on FAQ's page) the issue with your product. 


If you are not successful with trouble-shooting your product and wish to request a replacement within 60 days of purchase, submit a Ticket Requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization.


  1. Belletto Studio tools (compressors, gun, hose) should be used with Belletto Studio formulated colors and cleaners. When used with colors from other manufacturers and/ or modifications by other brands, Belletto Studio cannot guarantee your product will function correctly and/ or will not break. 

  2. Tampering with the product will void any and all warranties. 

  3. Purchasing Belletto Studio products from un-authorized re-sellers will also forfeits any and all warranties. 
  4. Orders should be inspect upon receipt. Any suspected (cosmetic or functional) defects must be reported to Belletto Studio within 60 calendar days of receipt (from Belletto) to request repairs or a replacement. 


(Past 60 days - see Limited Warranty Policy)